You promised me marriage, you promised me forever
Like a father who said he’d bring home with him lollipops
Like a kid I was left hanging and hoping as ever
Would not ever go to sleep, to sob would never stop.

I get lost in every love song played in the diner
Having wistful reveries that we’d dine soon together
Even the gentle night flashes me ethereal dreams
That you tenderly hugged and kissed me as the moon beams.

Things between us are vague and our future’s uncertain
Even you reckon that our souls will meet only by chance
My eyes plead at the stars as I hold the silk curtain
Let my longing eyes see my other half in a glance.

However hard I try to turn my back on my feelings
I am still engulfed by the shadows of your love
My pillow is the witness on how I yearn for you, darling
At the right time, I pray, we’ll be blessed by the One above.

Love and Family

I remember writing about my annoyances with the members of my family. It was my choice to study very far from them to take a break from all the clashes, insults, and physical fights. I am actually lucky to have a family that’s not broken, but I think we were just not meant to be with each other – or maybe I’m just the only one messing up our home. I guess I made the right choice to live far from them. It was beneficial. For the first two months of being away I was really enjoying my independence; but now, I just realized how important they were to me. Maybe the devil was just trying to destroy our peaceful home. No matter what happens, we’re stuck on each other. I am with them since I was born so I guess we are really obliged to love each other. No one else will.

When I was still living at our house on the countryside, every little thing they do annoys me. My mom is always shouting, my dad doesn’t care about the world, and my little sister has a completely different way of thinking from mine which causes us to quarrel – once a day, maybe. I am really lucky to realize that I love their quirks and flaws, because they are the things that make them unique in the world. I don’t know if I matured a bit but I now understand their personalities by just reminiscing. Honestly, I miss them. Even their coldness tells me that they love me so much. They’re not just as expressive as me, but they let me know by their own weird ways.

My mom is a confident and optimistic woman, but has a sensitive soul underneath. She is opinionated and stubborn, but is still very gullible. She always gets mad at us but she’s ready to sacrifice anything to help us whenever we really need help. She’s like a cyclone when enraged. Sometimes I find her funny because she’s childish and as expressive as a child. She acts like an adult but still has some traces of immaturity in her. She was very attractive during her youth. We are so different, but as time goes by, I now think it’s true that daughters really become like their mothers when they grow older.

My father is a quiet man. He keeps his wrath hidden. He is not as expressive as my mother but he also has a funny side. His silly and childish laughter shows that he is not really as serious and fearsome as people’s first impression of him. Perhaps I got my quietness and mysterious aura from him. We also have the same eyes which show anger and bliss very well. He may come across as a very cold and cruel man but he is very selfless, especially when it comes to his children. He does not get angry when we get his stuff every time. He has vices but I still love him. I just don’t want my future husband to have vices too.

The last and the youngest member of our family is my little sister who is just a year younger than I am. Since we were still toddlers, people say that she acts more mature than me. It’s the truth. I guess I just got my immaturity from my mother. She got my mother’s friendly aura but she has most of my father’s traits, while I got my father’s aura but I got most of my mother’s traits. We’ve been enemies since we were babies but this girl will be my companion forever since our mother bore just the two of us, and we’re meant to share school supplies, toys, clothes, beauty secrets, and problems. I can be fiery when I want to, and I have that kind of aura too. I can fight for her when she suffers from injustice. We really think that we’re very different, but people that we’re like two peas in a pod. She’s undeniably pretty and attractive. We’ve grown just like our mother.

I woke up with my family, I was raised by my parents, and I will live the rest of my life to please and take care of them. No matter how frustrated I was with them before, at the end of the day, I will still go back to them. God gave me my mama, papa, and little sister because we are destined to love each other. How blissful it is to be with them in heaven for eternity! I am actually glad to realize this right away, that the most important things in life are love and family. We just have to keep up the harmony inside our homes, because if we want world peace, we should start by loving our families for everything starts there.
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