Learning Freedom

There are people who think that studies are their whole life. Some people do nothing but studying. They seem to honor their academic studies as if they are all that they have to learn. I cannot really identify someone who’s like that, for I may err in my judgments, but I know that some people are like what I have described in the statements above. Aren’t their lives boring? I personally despise studying academics, for it does not seem like freewill learning. Whenever I am about to study, I get lethargic and I feel the need to play, eat, read novels, and write about my thoughts and feelings. I chose Literature because I benefit from reading and writing, and I always feel the need to do them out of impulse. Some people choose courses which can give them high salaries later on and can help them attain high positions on life to get recognition, power, and wealth. That is their definition of success. 

Some people wonder why some people choose to follow their passion, while they prefer ambition. Personally, I follow my passion because that is where I’m good at, and it makes me happy. It seems like an invisible present given to me by angels from God on the day I was born. It seems like my purpose for living – using my God-given talents for the betterment of His beloved planet. I also won’t allow my talents to deteriorate because of my negligence on them.

Learning also doesn’t just happen inside the four corners of a classroom. A classroom and a prison cell is pretty much the same – we just have to stay there for a short while to learn or experience things, but staying there for a long time is bad for us. We all want to break free of prison cells and proceed to the flowery meadow under the rainbow with our favorite animals wanting us to tame them. We don’t always have to learn every scientific fact and mathematical equation; what’s important is that we learn much about life and we know how to improve ourselves. EQ is more important than IQ, right? I just don’t understand why some people choose boring lives. I just can’t deal very well with things that are “required”. Where’s our freedom?


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