Old Songs

How do you pick your favorite songs? Do you have a criteria or favored category and whatever fits into it will automatically be your favorite? Do you like songs that matches your personality? Or do you just go with the flow and whatever pleases your ears will go to your "favorites" list?

I tend to like songs that have somehow become "old-fashioned." I despise any song that's modern and sung by many at the present. Call me old-fashioned or weird but I'm just not into "something new". I may like a song that's trending now but it will only happen after at least five years. Why? Because they bring back memories. I like old songs because they remind me of my childhood, good old times with friends, first love memories, memories of ex-boyfriends, etc. Admit it, old songs are precious and they make us smile. They bring nostalgia, sentimentalism, beautiful sadness, unexplained bliss, and precious old moments.

I also think that songs these days lack meaning and depth. People just write songs about what they feel, even if it's offending, vulgar, or sexually explicit, not caring about juvenile listeners. They put even the most nonsensical things and just put a fast beat to produce a dance music. I greatly prefer the 90s music because love songs were so deep, pleasant to hear, and undeniably romantic. Pop music were still innocent and carefree with bubblegum melodies. However, music was ruined when the 21st century came.

Isn't it a mystery that old songs are so powerful? They move the soul and give us the true sense of true love and friendship. They keep memories alive in our hearts while being friendly to our ears.


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