Fate's Health Message

I am currently consuming the two-month vacation before going to college, and I'm nearly at the end of the second month. My sickly body gets on my way of accomplishing things prior to enrollment and I'm mad at myself for that. I couldn't get my medical certificate because I still have Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). I am also struggling with this uncomfortable thing called conjunctivitis (sore eyes). Deadlines are pressuring me to get well quickly - and deadlines, pressure, and stress are three things that make me too furious to deal with them. I couldn't travel via airplane if my conjunctivitis still won't get off me. My flight will be five days from now. Just think of the pressure that I feel. I don't really want to worry but I'll be dead if I don't take action.

I don't have the mind of a realist, and I don't think that these illnesses weren't accidents caused by my carelessness. I may be angry and suffering from now, but I actually think that these are blessings in disguise, that there is a hidden message aimed for me. Maybe this was permitted by the universe, and it wants me to clearly get the message that I should take care of myself while I am away from home for a long time since she can't talk like humans.

I don't think that I'll be disregarding her message. Days from now I'll be independent, although I'll still be supplied money. No one can take care of me but myself. Friends and schoolmates have worries of their own, so I'm solely responsible for myself. Sickness is not an enemy that you can bully and defeat easily - it's more like a Goliath who torments you every time and you can't think of anything but ways to get rid of it. Even common cold and coughs are too annoying. I've realized now the value of health, and from now on, I'll take care of my physical body, the one which holds my soul so dear.

Handsome Eyes

Your beautiful psyche, your love divine
I saw them through your wonderful eyes
Your gorgeous face and looks so fine
Are nothing compared to your soulful eyes.

I always long for your presence
Because it gives me unexplainable bliss
Always afraid of your sudden evanescence
And it can't be consoled by a passionate kiss.

Happy enough in our sweet silence
Gets a heavenly feeling when our eyes meet
Don't doubt my love, there's lots of evidence
Your gaze can sweep me off my feet.

By my side I guarantee you that you won't shed a tear
Can't bear it even if one of your eyes cries
Can't see anything but you for I love you so dear
Just promise me forever mine are those handsome eyes.

Old Songs

How do you pick your favorite songs? Do you have a criteria or favored category and whatever fits into it will automatically be your favorite? Do you like songs that matches your personality? Or do you just go with the flow and whatever pleases your ears will go to your "favorites" list?

I tend to like songs that have somehow become "old-fashioned." I despise any song that's modern and sung by many at the present. Call me old-fashioned or weird but I'm just not into "something new". I may like a song that's trending now but it will only happen after at least five years. Why? Because they bring back memories. I like old songs because they remind me of my childhood, good old times with friends, first love memories, memories of ex-boyfriends, etc. Admit it, old songs are precious and they make us smile. They bring nostalgia, sentimentalism, beautiful sadness, unexplained bliss, and precious old moments.

I also think that songs these days lack meaning and depth. People just write songs about what they feel, even if it's offending, vulgar, or sexually explicit, not caring about juvenile listeners. They put even the most nonsensical things and just put a fast beat to produce a dance music. I greatly prefer the 90s music because love songs were so deep, pleasant to hear, and undeniably romantic. Pop music were still innocent and carefree with bubblegum melodies. However, music was ruined when the 21st century came.

Isn't it a mystery that old songs are so powerful? They move the soul and give us the true sense of true love and friendship. They keep memories alive in our hearts while being friendly to our ears.

Loving the Literature Degree

Like almost all the people who took English majors or English or Literature degree, I am now discouraged because of the people around me who doesn't seem to like the course that I am going to take. It's AB Literature. It is what my heart will say when you question it about what it likes to take up in college. For a passionate reader and writer like me, nothing else suits me like AB Literature. It is where I belong, however you look at it. It's my heart's desire, and I know how it will make me happy, however difficult it may seem.

There are some advantages of my course I found on the net:

1. You are taught critical thinking and effective communication.
2. You will develop superior writing skills.
3. By pursuing a literature degree, you signal to employers that you care about more than just money; you chose this major because you have a deep appreciation for what you study.
4. Literature students find careers that require critical thinking, interpersonal skills, and exposure to a wide range of subjects.
5. For years, studying literature has been a great way to prepare to law school.
6. Many industries are seeking employees with terrific writing skills and cultural knowledge.
7. As English is considered an international language, there is a high demand for those who can teach it abroad.
Read more on: http://mqjeffrey.hubpages.com/hub/What_to_do_with_a_Literature_Degree

I feel like an outcast surrounded by accountancy and engineering students. Some people are so proud of the courses that they took or are going to take for they are sure of the big salary that is in store for them. They are constantly encouraged and reminded of the beauty of their degree, while I get silent or subtle mocks from people who are ignorant of a Literature degree. Almost all of them think that I'm going to be a teacher, a profession that is often looked down upon, but who cares? No one has the right to look down upon a noble profession such as this.

Going through this isn't easy. The only person who encourages me to pursue it and not shift to another course is my affectionate uncle, whom they said has me as his favorite niece. I, thus, have no other choice but to remember his encouragements and encourage myself too so much, as if I am equivalent to a multitude. I know myself more than they do, so their opinions would have little influence on me. At least I have a passion for literature. I am a sucker for classic novels. What would I do with those degrees that pay so much? They say that money makes the world go round, but for me, it isn't. It's happiness. Yes. I am not really after money. As long as I enjoy learning, I am satisfied. At least I will earn a degree that a match to my heart's desire, even if it's not making me rich.
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