Crying for a Loved One

Crying over a man, actually. They said that they aren't worth any tears. They scorn and say "What a foolish girl!" to maidens crying over men. Worst is, when you have a mocking mother making you sob more than comfort you in your terrible sorrow. One cannot help but cry for the fear of losing someone they love. Whatever the reason is, however ridiculous it is, saying things against girls crying over guys is just plain wrong. We've all experienced this, I'm sure. Also, anyone who does this are inconsiderate dimwits.

Crying is an expression of too much grief. Crying makes us feel better. Who says that the right man for you will never ever make you cry? I guess that person didn't ponder about his statement much. His death is the most obvious reason. Other things, such as cheating and fighting, are good reasons to cry, for it shows too much love for them that we are afraid to lose them. It is so normal. Love is bittersweet - it has a good mix of joys and aches, and that's what makes it exciting. 

When you love, you go through a risky path. You do crazy things that you never thought you could. True lovers endures any amount of pain and thinks about the happiness of their loved one. Even though you breathlessly cry for the same person over and over again, you won't care just as long as he doesn't leave you and still loves you back. However many the trials that come in your relationship are, keep in mind that all lovers naturally go through good and bad times, and the latter makes you stronger. However, sometimes we really can't help but have a pessimistic view on things. If you are meant to be, then you'll together be. Crying helps in healing. You should not be afraid of it. You should not be afraid of showing it.


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