Rainy Days

I hate rainy days. Whenever I wake up and I knew that it rained earlier, or it's currently raining, I always crave for more sleep. My body gets cold, especially my feet, so I tend to cuddle my pillow or teddy bear (or whatever it is that my hands can reach) and try to get another hour of slumber, not realizing that I might be late for classes. I know that many folks are like me who kind of dislike rainy days. I'd have to bring an umbrella and make my bag heavier later on. I'd accidentally get my feet wet too which feels really gross.

Actually, this is the main reason why I hate rainy days: The rain makes me less productive. Instead of getting many things done, it makes me feel tired for no reason and I would want to just sleep than do something worthwhile. The gloomy weather makes me feel gloomy too. I have read somewhere (and it's a psychological fact) that happiness inspires productivity. So there. I don't know why I have to be affected by the weather. It just makes me feel lazy, which I really am but I hate being that way.

What if it would still rain tomorrow? What am I gonna do now? That's something I still have to repair about myself. I do things according to my mood, and it has some disadvantages. Oh well. I really have to do some worthwhile things now, or else I wouldn't survive months later when I'll live in a university by myself. <3


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