Unfortunately Freed

Trying to live happily with my smiles forced
I've a terrible feeling worse than a woman divorced
I am in great anguish though it's not really my fault
And not really blissful like a free running colt.

I have this motto of following my heart
And I don't want to begin all over from the start
Although I am a lady who cares about reputation
My pride shall not matter, I'll still give him my affection.

Although has been freed as a pretty white dove
This girl still holds on, this girl who truly loves
Not really caring about looking desperate
Constantly prays, though it's all up to fate.

My heart was touched, so there's no turning back
Drowned in misery 'cause it's your love that I lack
But do not worry, 'cause I'll never ever hate
You are the one, for you forever I will wait.


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