Not of the World

Sometimes I feel by the world I'm abhorred 
Spoken against by friends and forsaken
I have nothing to lean on but myself and the Lord
So I wish to disappear and by angels be taken.

To travel the path of the Man of Sorrows
Is lonely, weary, and so full of tears
And it seems like to hell I slowly burrow
But I won't fear because my Savior's always near.

To feel the presence but be unable to see
The divine beings who only have love for this lass
Makes me sad to be in this world that has no place for me
And beg My Father to make all these come to pass.

Now I'm completely sure that I am not of this world
Which always lures me but entirely detests
This petite girl with her dark locks curled
Will soon find her place in the Kingdom and rest.


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