Not Like a Useless Fart

Unlike other children who like much sleep and bacon
This little girl depends on her pencils and crayons
Though very artistic she possesses weak logic
And this cruel world makes her think that it's tragic.

Her insistent heart makes her want to break rules
The world's too strict, she thinks that they're all fools
Her eccentric mind open to all possibilities
Does not want them to belittle all her capabilities.

All that she wants is to freely express
No, don't misunderstand, she doesn't aim to impress
This little girl having eyes for beauty
Wants to prettify the world, 'cause that's her duty.

She has little time to think of crushes
For most of her lifetime is spent on paintbrushes
This little girl who wholly depends on art
Badly wants to prove that she's not like a useless fart.


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