Loving Solitude

Whenever I'm weary or stressed out, I always need a "me-time" to recharge. I really mean being alone, and a day isn't enough. I need weeks of being lazy, alone, and free to do whatever I want. I might play on the computer, blog, read novels, write stuff (for my blog or diary), just on my bed and think of anything, watch romance or tearjerker movies, listen to soft love songs, draw, paint, etc. I don't want any forms of communication to anybody, because I have to spend time with myself first. I'm not really a sociable person so I might go on like this forever except when another work needs to be done.

I am happier when I'm alone, and I feel more secure. There'll be no folks to hurt my sensitive soul by their sharp tongues and violent fists. When I grow older, I have to be independent. I just have to rely on myself because human beings are selfish. I just have to enhance my skills because the world gives no special place to worthless people. This is me saying no to conformity while still struggling to survive.


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