Love Lessons I Learned During High School

My love life has always been complicated. Close friends of mine would surely agree. I definitely haven't experienced a fairytale ending yet, and although I have been whimsical in my different love stories, confusion has never left me. I can NEVER have a simple love story, and I don't know why. I wouldn't state all the chapters of my love book, but each chapter is extraordinary like the adventures of Alice in Wonderland.
  • Never ever assume. It's nice to find out that your crush likes you back, but don't give meaning to his every actions. There are different kinds of guys: the shy type, the flirty type, and the totally nice guy. Unless he tells you sincerely and straight in your face, you can never be sure. Sometimes we think that they're being too obvious in showing that they like us, but some guys are just too friendly or flirty.
  • Don't take crushes too seriously. It's enough that they occasionally put a smile on our faces but thinking about them every minute might make our feelings deeper for them. However, their melting smiles make it too hard for us, right? Yes, we can't control our feelings but don't make it known that you cried for them because it's just too lame.
  • Loving is never wrong. When you have finally been in love with someone who loves you back, feel free to love. Cherish every moment and express your affection. This one's safer than just crushing on someone, for there is a commitment. There is nothing better than giving and receiving love with a very special person. 
  • Don't make him the center of your world. More often than not, you aren't the center of his world too. There are too many interests to have, too many books to read, too many people to meet, etc. Treating him like an idol isn't good for you. If possible, flee from obsession. 
  • Don't be with a guy whom you don't really like, and don't fool yourself by thinking that you like a guy whom you haven't met yet. This can lead to problems. If you don't or can't love him, leave. Save yourself from psycho ex-boyfriends and creepy stalkers. 
  • Don't trust guys too easily. Sometimes, playing hard to get helps. Also, don't be assured that you're the only woman in his life. Be cautious of players. Don't be fooled by outside appearances.
  • Heartbreaks are normal. Do things that would help to heal your heart. Listen to sad love songs if you want. Cry until you can cry no more. Do not blame yourself. You can scream and cry until your eyeballs pop out but don't make it known like posting melodramatic statuses in Facebook. It's just too cheap and you may look like asking for others' sympathy. 
  • Don't decide right away whom you will marry. There are plenty of fishes in the sea. There are so many guys you are yet to meet. You will see someone who's better, believe me. I was once afraid to let go and move on because I thought that nobody can love me better.
  • You can forget that guy who broke your heart and won't leave your mind. Give others a chance. Being in love with another guy is a way to forget.
  • A relationship should be full of happiness, not pain. If pain is greater than happiness, leave.
  • Date a gentleman, not a super-hot egotistical douchebag. The right man knows how to respect and treat you the right way.
  • Don't give your heart away too easily. Be wise enough to know who is worthy of your affection.Know the real him before going steady. 
  • Even though you experience heartbreak many times, do not give up your hope of having a happy ending. 
  • Don't make yourself too available. Give him a chance to miss you. Remember that you are a lady. By not doing so, he'll pursue you less because you always make the first move.


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