Creatures Who Love You More Than Themselves

Dogs are the best animals ever. Now I know why they are called man's best friend. Deciding that the rabbit is my favorite animal just because it's cute is superficial. I love dogs because they are the only kind of animals that loves you more that they love themselves. Next to God, they are the complete representation of love.

Dogs' characters are formed by the way they are reared by their masters. They're just like little children. They must not be treated like pets - they must be treated like friends. Close friends. Here are the reasons why I love my dogs so much:
  • They seem to be looking forward to my homecoming because they run to me when I reach home after I left them for several hours.
  • They amuse me by their silly actions.
  • They comfort me whenever I cry by coming to me and resting their heads 
  • They are always happy to see me and it's seen through their wiggly tails and smiling faces.
  • They are glad that they are adopted by me and they return that favor.
They're just so lovable. Sometimes I just get teary-eyed because of the realization that they are better companions than humans. Men can forsake, betray, and hurt me but I doubt that dogs can do those things to me. They may not communicate with me through words but their actions are enough to tell me that they love me. If they can only talk, I know that they would say comforting and happy words to express their love. Sometimes I think that they are sent by God for that purpose. I hope they really are.


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