Lesson I've Learned in High School

They say that the high school life is the best part of our lives. Well, I cannot say that it is for now. It's bittersweet. It has brought me satisfying friendships and lots of arduous problems. But since the bad times dominated the good times, I must say that this isn't the best part of my life. However, it taught me lots of lessons in life:

  • Accept your quirks and uniqueness. 
  • Not everyone is going to like you even if you seem like a sinless saint, so don't even try pleasing everyone.
  • Stand up for what you believe in.
  • Don't be afraid to speak your mind especially if you know that you are right.
  • A true friend will be the one on your side when it seems like the whole world has forsaken you. 
  • Don't let anyone influence your decisions. You know what's right for you, and that is your life. 
  • Anything that is not done with love and passion will not yield good results. Follow your heart all the time.
  • Character is really more important than reputation. People who matter would care to look past your eyes to see the beautiful soul underneath.
  • It is important to engage in spirituality, and the best way to do this is to free yourself from the cages of religion.
  • Heartbreaks are normal.
  • Just because he doesn't like you back, it doesn't mean that you are ugly or unworthy of anything.
  • There are girls who have natural appeal, but the simple but unique ones are cuter. 
  • You must not be dependent on anything. You are not a kid anymore. The universe favors those who knows they can get for themselves whatever they desire.
  • There will be a special someone who will love you more than anything. Just wait and love yourself first.
  • Don't be in a hurry to grow up. Enjoy your youth while it lasts.
  • Anger and hatred will destroy you. Get over everything because more often than not, all people are just concerned about themselves.
  • Do not believe anything being said to you, especially lies covered in tones of assertion. Stupid people believe anything.
  • Older people are not always right.
  • It doesn't hurt to admit your mistakes. Amend your imperfections but don't even try to desire perfection. 


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