I indubitably deeply fancy my most dearly loved swain
Although from time to time he bestoweth me pain
When he is afar I behold the glittering stars
I am his and I shall never leave mine heart ajar.

I know that I am loved by my most beloved swain
Acquiring love from other chaps I am sure to abstain
I shall get from only him the most divine flowers
And my heart beset with affection is merely his to devour.

I shall not get forsaken by my most handsome swain
Like the gleeful sun that shineth on my visage fain
And the moon that escorteth me through mine dismal times
Forever I shall keep our reminiscences nohow sour as a lime.

And when the time cometh for my exquisite swain
Wherein the Grim Reaper shall ruthlessly separate us twain
In my allegiance to him I vow to never again marry
Evermore his love in my devoted heart I shall carry.


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