Reasons Why I Want to Go Back to My Childhood

1. Children are carefree.

I sometimes get green with envy of these little lambs for they don't get stressed, and aren't being pressured. They aren't forced to learn something that they detest. They are free to wander happily, for they have no worries. High school gives me lots of problems and concerns, and that prevents me from being blithe. Instead of enjoying the precious life of mine given by God, they let me worry about nonsensical stuff.

2. Children are cuter.

I always hear folks say "How cute!" when they see a little babe or toddler. Of course they are cute! All mini versions of everything are cute. Some girls can't even help but scream when they see furry pups. They are adorable for they are usually plump, and have sparkles of innocence in their eyes. Children are also likely to get more attention from their parents, for their cuteness are their advantage.

3. Children are innocent.

I'd like to get my innocence back for I've committed less sins then. The more my eyes are exposed to sins, the more I am likely to commit them. Children are very lucky until the time comes when their innocence is taken away from them.

4. Children get in touch with nature more than adults do.

Children are supposed to always play outdoors. As a kid, I always play outside. I was happier back then, but I ain't really sure of the reason why. I reckon that it was because of nature. There is some sort of magic lurking in the flora and fauna that makes us happy. God really made nature for humans' happiness that can be explained well by children's laughter.

5. Children are meek.

Children are meek. Children are submissive. Children are harmless (except when they get naughty and bite everyone they meet with their little teeth). They really are, unless some kind of negative forces have influenced them. They're gullible and naive. That is just what Our Father wants us to be, but of course, we must not be so stupid like ignorant little pups.

6. Children indulge themselves to their hearts' content.

Children usually haven't got self-discipline and are stubborn enough to stop doing what they want to do. They eat when they're hungry, sleep when they're tired, play when they're bored, and sing and dance when they want to - not minding who the audiences are and not caring whether they look funny. I know that this behavior is only caused by immaturity, but isn't it nice to do things that we want with no one stopping us?

7. Children are honest.

It's a little tragic that they haven't got tact but it's also a blessing in disguise. We often have trouble finding out whether grown-ups tell the truth or not, but you can always count on a child's frankness.

8. Children are not afraid to show their feelings.

They laugh when they're happy, cry when sad, and throw fits of temper when they don't get their way. Grown-ups have this habit of controlling their emotions, and showing false emotions in front of someone they dislike. They think that crying is a sign of weakness, so they'd die first before letting anyone see their tears to prove that they're strong. Children, on the other hand, get okay right away after they express their negative feelings. Grown-ups who hold back their tears are usually having their sorrows haunting them afterwards, which isn't a good thing.

9. Children do nothing.

"What are you doing?" "Nothing." Just like Christopher Robin, they do nothing and are happy because of it, until the time comes when they have to be busy for school. That's one of the things that I miss about my childhood. I just wander about, and do whatever my heart tells me. They don't experience stress and being pressured yet, and they take their time just doing nothing.

10. Children are imaginative.
Unless you're a writing or art-skilled student, you can't have imagination as your best friend, with all that memorization of baloney stuff. Right now I just believe that it is important to retrieve our easy access to imagination when we were children because all of the rational nonsense that the world imposes on us has dulled our minds already.


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