Oops! ...I Did It Again

I played with your heart
Got lost in the game
Oh baby baby
Oops! You think I'm in love
That I'm sent from above
I'm not that innocent.

Pure love and true love is hard to find nowadays. I reckon that we still have to use a time machine and go back to the past just to experience these. Where have chivalry and quixotic romance gone?

Modern teens love to flirt. Oops. Not just modern teens, but a large number of people in history too! More than half of the world's population are players and heartbreakers. Why can't they be satisfied in just one lover? I bet that those people are too confident about their overflowing charisma. If they just aren't concerned about their egos more than their hearts, they wouldn't be like this. They would be content in whatever God sent them to love. I guess they're just hungry for attention. They are not happy, and never will be happy for contentment is foreign to them.

Many times I've experienced being played. Does it hurt? No, it doesn't, after several months of deadly emotional pain. Then, I became curious. How does it feel having lots of boyfriends? I only knew how to love truly until then. I realized that it was a boring business, for my heart didn't leap and rush because of romantic ecstasy. I realized that commitment should be taken seriously by both parties, and only then you'll experience magic. A soft love song is what you'll hear and colorful fireworks will be above you. That is fictional, of course, but I was describing the intense feeling that true love may bring. You won't benefit from playing with others' hearts. You'll only get your bad karma that'll teach you a lesson the hard way.


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