Happy Ending

Real love stories often go like this: The guy whom you presumed to be your Prince Charming suddenly appears in your life, catches your attention, and then woos you. He does all those cheesy and sweet things for you, until you start to think of him every minute. He makes you feel rather special like a princess, furthermore you think that he's the perfect chap for you. After quite some time, you start to feel paranoid and have your insight tell you that you aren't the only girl in his life. Not long after, you broke up. That precious heart of yours which was supposed to be cherished has been smashed. Then, you get bitter.

Maybe that is the reason why they tell me not to get serious in relationships, because romantically serious guys below the age of 25 is very rare. However, you can't really help but fall in love. No matter what, your heart will still be broken. I reckon that my present swain loves me with all his heart because he has introduced me to his family and cried because of me - secretly and in front of me. His mom really likes me, and she even told me that before we got into a relationship, he had many wenches who often came into their house but when I became his girlfriend, no other girl comes there except me.

Like any other girls, I can't help but doubt and get paranoid whether my sweetheart is cheating on me or not. Whatever happens, I must be ready. He isn't 21 yet so there is still some immaturity lurking within his self. Whatever happens, I will still be okay. If the time comes when his love for me fades, I shan't worry for true love is forever. If it'd fade then it ain't true love. False love should be gotten rid of, for it does us no good.

If the time comes when we should let go of each other, I shall not kill myself. It's definitely okay to shed some hot tears for him because he held a special place in my heart, however. Also, I still have my first love, whom I haven't seen and heard of for quite some time. We're like separated lovers from the movies. But I still don't know if he's the one destined for me, though. Waiting for him won't hurt for I know deep in my heart that he has feelings for me too, even though I ain't qualified for beauty contests.

In this time of my life, I am quite uncertain regarding this matter. If ever we broke up, I'd just think that he just filled up a chapter of my life and made it colorful. He isn't the whole book. But, thinking of his many promises to me, I don't think that this would happen, although there's a possibility. It isn't the heart which chooses whom we will love, but fate. Whatever happens, I'll just presume that everything is planned. No matter what, I know that I'll have a finished wonderful love story. I will certainly have a happy ending. :)


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