Won't stop 'til I get bloodshot eyes.

I always get addicted to stuff that I really like. And that applies to the romance department, too. I'm just...too...intense - or should I say passionate. Yes, passionate may be the right term. Addiction isn't wonderful, right? Now, I have a new addiction and that is reading novels. "Why, that's a good thing, my dear! It makes you smarter!" Oh yes. I know that. But this isn't good - I feel it, this isn't good. Like "shopaholicism", I know that this isn't good now. I've been neglecting my other duties because I am too engrossed in reading English novels.

Now I love literature as much as I love arts. I know that I ain't logically smart, so I go for these two. I tend to babble about the two novels that I've finished reading in two days to my mom. However, she only said that I should be studying my lessons instead. Uhm...you know that I hate to do that. It is useless, for nothing would ever be absorbed by my brain because I know that I would do it half-heartedly. Didn't they say that we should follow our hearts?

I wish I could be as awesome as those classical authors were...*sigh* Modern literature, specifically teen fiction, doesn't impress me much. So I think I'd rather start reading classic stories - classic children's literature. Something like Alice in Wonderland. Ugh, I really can't tell what I want by now. All novels are awesome, although they have boring parts that give me headaches. Now here's my problem: Once I start reading a book, I badly want to finish it as soon as possible. But sometimes when I get through the boring parts, I start to have the desire to read other novels and that would make it hard for me to finish one.

I just love literature. I won't stop reading 'til I get bloodshot eyes. I won't stop reading 'til I get blind.


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