Save my best behavior for a little later 'cause I'm only seventeen:)

That's actually a line from a song I like to listen to, "Seventeen" by Mandy Moore. I can just kinda relate to it right now.

Hi, I'm a fifteen year old girl. Some lads say that I'm too young. I really am. But why do my parents say "How irresponsible you are! You are OLD enough yet you are still immature! Why can't you be like (insert a girl's name here)? I don't know what I should do to you!"?

Hello?! I'm not eighteen yet. Darn! I'm pretty sure that teens of my age are the same, and I might be even better than some. I mean, I'm not yet mature, but I DO act more properly than half of the world's population, I guess. I can say that because I get to socialize with kids of my age. Adults aren't usually right in determining a younger person's personality for many are great actors and pretenders - and most of the time, they only show their true colors to folks of or near their age.

Honestly, I don't like people who are too serious with their lives. They think about the future too much that they don't even want to enjoy the present. They live to fulfill others' expectations, which is kind of hard and a sorrowful path to walk on. They keep on playing safe, for they love their selves too much. They just keep on conforming to avoid any trouble, and aren't brave enough to stand up for what they believe in. Well? I don't even think that they have personal beliefs. They are COWARDS who are afraid to break the rules even if that rule is SO WRONG. Don't get mad if you know that it's you whom I described. Being too responsible and feeling like a grown-up isn't really wrong, but it's TOO MUCH. I know lots of people like this. And I know in myself that I'm certainly NOT one of them.

They're taking their youth for granted, when all old folks wish that they could be young again, even for a minute. I am now a teen, not yet an adult, and I miss my childhood so bad. Those childhood memories are still vivid in my mind and I'm glad that I have them. But what about the TOO SERIOUS people of my age? This isn't the time to get serious with our lives yet - or maybe we need not to be serious for the rest of our lives. When they grow old, they won't have any teenage memories to laugh at.

Well, I have just spoken my mind. I may be immature now but I'll surely outgrow this. For now, I'll enjoy every teenage moment without stressing myself.


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