A Poem to Papa

To the person I secretly care about.

I could still recall when I was just a child 
When I was still naive, gentle and mild
I used to be hungry for your full attention
My sister and I wanted to be showered with affections.

I remember you used to carry me on your back
And tickle me playfully just to make me laugh
Now it seems like good memories like these we do lack
Because seeing each other everyday is enough.

My sister resembles Ma, and I resemble you
They're attention whores, we deafen them with silence
Whenever I see pictures that contain only us two
I cry inside for old times, though looking back makes no sense.

Though I used to never show you my love
He knows how I care as He watches from above
Now I'll make my feelings known - not even known to some
I'll cherish our every moment, in case tomorrow never comes.


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