The Perfect Man

You don't have to lower your standards for any guy - that's what they say. Well, they're right, because I finally found the perfect man for me. I currently have a boyfriend and he has all the qualities that I'm looking for a guy except for intelligence (according to him). He isn't an honor student like me, but he has enough wisdom and common sense so I'd consider him smart too. Actually, the right description for him is witty. He makes me laugh like crazy and I feel like I want to roll on the floor because of it. I'm just so in love. <3

He's so sensitive and sweet like a little kid to the point of being absolutely adorable. He tolerates my immaturity, enjoys my company, and showers me with lots of gifts and affection. He treats me like a princess and calls me her goddess. Our relationship never runs out of fun, excitement, surprises, romance, and sweetness. He was raised well and has very good manners. He really knows how to treat a girl right and I know deep in my heart that he takes me seriously. He's rare. I couldn't ask for more.

NOW I KNOW! I think I could already differentiate a playboy from a sincere guy. These things are just my opinion, but if you get even a little disrespect or mistreatment from a guy, you should back off, especially if he's still courting you. A player is a sweet talker, and he does tricks that sweep you off your feet. Be careful because he is experienced enough to have the ability to make you fall hard. He can be social and popular with the girls. A womanizer is rather easy to identify. If a guy really loves you, he'd be glad to spend every minute with you. However, you'd hear too many excuses from a player. He may be too busy flirting with every girl he meets. *wink*

The perfect guy for me is exactly the man of my dreams. Dream guys exist, because I've found one. They're very rare though. Real nice guys act like gentlemen, lengthen their patience, and love you as much as they can. I also think that introducing you to his family may be a sign that he's serious. Being picky isn't wrong, it's just protecting ourselves from heartbreak. Just be sure to act properly too so that you and "the perfect man" wouldn't seem to be mismatched. The quality of a guy shouldn't be based from physical attractiveness or charisma - we should look at their hearts. That's why they say that love is blind. Choose wisely, ladies. He's just around the corner. :D


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