The Beauty of Sadness

Beauty is in every thing - even in sadness. Yes, I know that it's a negative word, and you may wonder what the heck went on inside my skull. I actually got this idea from Backstreet Boys's "Shape of My Heart", and there is a line that goes like this: "Sadness is beautiful, loneliness is tragical." After a few hours of pondering, I was convinced that sadness is really beautiful.

Whenever I feel sad, I listen to sad but beautiful musical pieces that never fail to make me sadder. The sadness that I feel becomes more intense, until I just burst into tears. Crying actually feels good. I like pouring out all the negative feelings that my heart feels until my eyes cannot produce tears anymore. When I'm sad, it's either I listen to sad melodies or I isolate myself and take some time to reflect. What's beautiful is the combination of silence and the way you feel. I find inner peace. Except for the good old memories, the moments where I get very sentimental are the most beautiful. I've got to separate myself from the physical world and get in touch with my own soul.

We have to accept sadness because it's a part of life. Without it, we cannot appreciate joy. Sadness inspires the artists to produce art from the terrible feelings that they feel. Maybe the fact that sadness accompanied by maudlin music separates me from the real world is what's beautiful. It is good to visit daydreamland once in a while. It's my way of escaping stress and pressures from the real world.

Sadness and depression are different. Try listening to Schubert Serenade to understand what I'm saying. Try having contact with nature too. Whenever you feel sad, remember that it's just temporary and don't hate yourself. We can't do anything about our emotions. Whatever challenges you face in your life, don't forget to pray because eventually, your frowns will turn into lovely smiles.


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