My Admirer

Before I thought he liked me too
And it's because of a friend that's why I knew
Too much happiness it made me feel
Overjoyed that I can be ill.

And whenever he is there I blush
My heartbeats suddenly begin to rush
At first I did nothing but deny
Just to hide my feelings I did lie.

My love goes deeper as time goes by
As I get to know this pretty guy
To him I can't take off my eye
I was really in love with him, oh my!

Nothing remains a secret as they say
So my secret just spread in the class one day
He felt awkward as I can see
But it's not a reason to avoid me.

He really ignores me, I wonder why
Maybe it's just that he's being shy
And he just can't find any words to say
But we are not close, so I guess it's okay.

One day I was warned by a very close friend
He said that my feelings for him now should end
The rumor that he likes me is a very big lie
That's why he can't even say a simple hi.

So I told my classmates to please stop the tease
Then I asked who his true crush is
Through a text message a close friend did send
As I read I was shocked, it was my dear best friend!

After a long time my heart is broken again
Because of what I've just found out then
I just hope this won't ruin our friendship
Though my heart was shattered and wounded very deep.


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