'Til now I don't understand what I feel 
'Cause I'm still stunned the moment you stare 
If it's just infatuation and not for real
Throughout these times why do I still care?

It's not new to me that you avoid still
For you knew how much you have sinned
It took a long time for my wounds to heal
But my feelings just can't be blown away by the wind

When you look why do I still feel weak,
When you talk why do I get blushes on cheeks?
And whenever you smile, I can't help but smile too
Though there's someone in my heart, there's still room for you

I don't want to get my old feelings back
I promise I won't 'til chickens learn to quack
But it seems you have made me love you again
Now I guess I'm again ready to be heartbroken

My ex-crush, can't you just leave me alone?
You'd only hurt me deeply to my bones
Please don't make me feel like you like me too
A smile means a lot, be careful of what you do. 


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