A Dream about My Boss Caring about Me

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Me: My boss (the bank manager) showed up twice in my dreams last night. In the first one, he texted me and asked about what’s bothering me. When I didn’t reply and just went on with my life, he texted again as if he was worried about me. In the second one, he told me that he loved me (not romantically of course, but more like fatherly) and that I should not worry because everything is going to be okay. Why do you think I dreamed about him? Is it because I wanted a father like him or something?

L: He is like a father figure only for work meaning he wants you to stay with the job and if there are any problems he would fix it at work. So I say the same, stay with the work. How come you don’t. Dream about having kids in your life. :D 

Dreams about Hair Loss and Getting Into a Fight

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This is weird and I don’t know what this is but what I remember from my dream two nights ago is that I met a guy that is a friend of mine and we hugged and then I saw his hair is already sparse, like he’s already having hair loss even though he is just about my age. It looks weird, what do you think that means?

And last night’s dream was also weird. I dreamed of my high school friends and I felt a bad energy about them, something treacherous. Then some people were warning me not to go to a specific store because of some evil vibes there but I ended up going there anyway. The lady in the store was so malicious and the kids hanging there was also malicious. I just wanted to buy something but I felt some kind of psychic attack. One little boy especially tried to harm me physically, but since I was fed up with the negative energy thrown my way, I wrestled with the little boy and tried to defend myself by physically hurting him too. It was a weird dream. I wish someday I would have light, happy dreams.

L: Hi, it could be that you might not want to see negative changes. Your soul might want a man with hair and a nice face.
You getting in fight with a boy means that you don’t back down from people. Hope I helped

Someone from My Previous Job Committed Suicide (Dream)

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Me: Last night I dreamed about suicide again. But before that, I found myself in my previous workplace, the building of our provincial government. But instead of being in my previous office, I was in my parents’ office, the Accountant’s Office. I don’t know what I was doing there but everybody was doing something. I was searching for Atlantis in the map there for some reason, and when I found it, I told someone in my dream that it was on Sri Lanka today. It looked different than in our present world map. Then I heard that Sir Aldrin (someone I used to associate with to write news about education in my previous job) committed suicide. I was shocked. Then I realized that his jolly exterior was just a facade. I told my close guy friend that Sir Aldrin committed suicide but he just became sad and told me that he was the first one to know. I became angry at him for not telling me right away and then he walked away. Then I walked around the whole building to ease my sadness and then I saw the employees wearing costumes and masks, practicing for an event or a festival and I saw some of them crying while practicing. The whole building was filled with sadness. What do you think that means?

L:  Hi A
Someone from your past job that you liked may not be there anymore and you may have lost contact with that person. And that there are others that you don’t miss from your past work and may not like them.
Best to make contact with those people you liked from the past work and maybe have a get together.
No one actually died.
You can start a dream diary and then write your dreams.

A Girl Read My Future (Dream)

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Me: Happy new year! I had a weird dream last night. There was a psychic girl; and when she saw me, she offered to read for me. She said she needed my palm and read it. Then words physically came out of the palm of my hands and she read it for me. What is remember is that she told me that the guy that I am with right now is the right guy for me. She also said other things but that was all that I can remember. What do you think that means?

L:  A it could mean that the next guy you date might be a long-term commitment according to the dream.
You need to be in love for sure, being single is not for you, you need love, a family, and security, etc. Remember that you’re still young and can have kids many years in the future.

I Was Selling Makeup (Dream)

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Me: Last night I had a weird and beautiful dream about makeup and I haven’t seen anything like this. But last night in my dream, I was a saleslady and I was selling makeup to a woman or something. I found some makeup items (I think it was eye shadow or it can be highlighter or blush, something powdery) that are so beautiful because they were like paintings that were reduced into powdered form and put into rectangles or something. They were so beautiful that I even wanted one for myself. I was asking help for the price of the item from the other salesladies but they wouldn’t entertain me so I was left alone to my own devices and I cried. I sold them myself to the lady and admired the painting-like makeup item again. What do you think that means?

L:  Hi A
You want to look pretty to yourself and to other people. You might find yourself in front of the mirror more often trying to improve how you look. The dream is about your looks. I told you before that working in the beauty field is also an interest for you. Go buy some makeup and make yourself look the way you want to look. Be happy that you are not a fat personality because that would drive you crazy. ;) Happy new year

A Dreamed about A Guy Named Heaven

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Me: Hi L, Merry Christmas! I had a weird dream last night. It was long but I can only remember now the last part. I was in some kind of school. I made some friends there, including guys. Then, this guy named Heaven I think likes me. I am not sure. Then I saw him doing some weird things like clapping without a reason and many more. I did not pay attention to it since I have my own stuff to do, so I just did my own thing and ignored those signs. Then someone just shouted that the guy was dead. I ran to him and they uncovered the white blanket on him. He was really dead, and there were many cuts on his body. They said he died of suicide. I cried because I liked him as a friend and that I failed as a friend because I found him too late. I realized that I should have given him more attention and love. I just shouted at the top of my lungs his name because of grief. Then he went to me. It seemed like it was just his spirit. We walked together to have a talk and he held my hand. I felt like he loved me then. We went down the stairs and proceeded to the sunlight. He said I should join him in heaven. I said no, so I went back the stairs and away from the sunlight. I explained to him that even thought I would love to join him, I still have a lot of things to do in this world like get married and have grandchildren. He was a bit sad about my decision but I think he understood. And then I woke up. I don’t even know someone like that in real life, L. What could that mean? It was a very emotional dream as if it was real :(

L: Hi A the male was you. Meaning, you have to watch out for depression in your life. And him dying might mean you don’t know how to get out of depression. Nothing physical will happen to you. It’s an emotional dream. Maybe not finding love can make you depressed emotionally. Not finding love can be bothering you. Focus on what you have, not on what you don’t have. Love will happen down the road. Your dream doesn’t mean you will die at all. 

A Dream about Snakes

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Me: Last night I dreamt that I was with two other girls and we were calmly doing our thing or talking about things until I saw the head of the orange snake hiding near our feet. When I shouted, it started to come out but in different colors. It looked like there were many different-colored snakes and I had a hard time killing them off. What could that mean?

L: Hi A it could mean you may not trust new people in your life so you might want to get rid of people you don’t like. Next time dream of gold and wealth :D

Me: People who are in my life right now or in the future? Oh no…

L: Focus on positive people. Some people have jealousy issues. You look good with a nice figure and a healthy mind. Take it one day at a time.

Different Dreams about Two Older Ladies

Me: Hi L I had a very weird dream last night and it doesn’t exactly feel good. In my dream there were lots of people around me but there was a mature woman maybe in her late 50s who wasn’t so nice to me…and I don’t know why because I don’t know her.
Then I dreamt that my mother figure in the workplace who helped me get the bank job was urging me to be a model or something. But I felt like I forgot my clothes or whatever. Then I just saw her with other models strutting with their clothes and walking like models. She shouted at me to join them but I really had nothing to wear. But I still remember myself walking anyway. Then I saw myself on the spotlight but my face was showing that I was self-conscious. I don’t know why I dreamt of that, it’s weird…

L: Hi second dream means that your female supervisor will like you and give you suggestion on things. The other lady means you won’t get along with some people while with others you will.

Adopting Pets and a Kid (Dream)

Me: Hi L I had a very interesting dream last night and I have the slightest idea why I dreamt about it. In my dream, we were all living in a boarding school. I think I was studying there too, but I was one of the oldest students there. There are also pets being kept and fed outside the school building. I could be wrong about the details of my dream, but there was a naughty little boy that wanted me to adopt him. It’s like he would only behave himself if I adopt and guide him always as if he was my son. Then this animal, maybe a cat, with fur that looks like a raccoon or something (it looked beautiful) appeared in front of me and wanted me to adopt it too. It seemed like it would only eat if I adopt it and let it be beside me always, even sleep with me inside the school building. Then this furry dog came to me too, also wanting me to adopt it. There were many animals and kids in my dream, but these three in particular wanted me to care for them.

L: Hi A
Adopting animals might mean new people wanting to be friends with you. The animals are people of different cultures wanting to be friends with you. Pay attention to new people who want to be with you.
Hope I helped.

Me: I wonder who those people will be… Should I let them in my life?

L: Yes yes let new people in that feel okay to you, you might meet some of them in the bank work :)

Lighting White Candles (Dream)

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Me: I have another weird dream just now: I remember walking into the forest with other strangers and it looks like winter or something. We made a horizontal line, we started to pass on white candles, and then we lit our candles. I told the male person on my left to exchange our candles if I got a short one. What was that all about?

L: White candles are the color of spiritual knowledge. White candles short or long doesn’t matter; the color is spiritual.
Read up on the color meaning of white. Buy some white candles and burn them and they will bring spiritual people into your life. Try and see what happens.
You have been dreaming every night, you must look forward to sleep :)
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