Different Dreams about Two Older Ladies

Me: Hi L I had a very weird dream last night and it doesn’t exactly feel good. In my dream there were lots of people around me but there was a mature woman maybe in her late 50s who wasn’t so nice to me…and I don’t know why because I don’t know her.
Then I dreamt that my mother figure in the workplace who helped me get the bank job was urging me to be a model or something. But I felt like I forgot my clothes or whatever. Then I just saw her with other models strutting with their clothes and walking like models. She shouted at me to join them but I really had nothing to wear. But I still remember myself walking anyway. Then I saw myself on the spotlight but my face was showing that I was self-conscious. I don’t know why I dreamt of that, it’s weird…

L: Hi second dream means that your female supervisor will like you and give you suggestion on things. The other lady means you won’t get along with some people while with others you will.

Adopting Pets and a Kid (Dream)

Me: Hi L I had a very interesting dream last night and I have the slightest idea why I dreamt about it. In my dream, we were all living in a boarding school. I think I was studying there too, but I was one of the oldest students there. There are also pets being kept and fed outside the school building. I could be wrong about the details of my dream, but there was a naughty little boy that wanted me to adopt him. It’s like he would only behave himself if I adopt and guide him always as if he was my son. Then this animal, maybe a cat, with fur that looks like a raccoon or something (it looked beautiful) appeared in front of me and wanted me to adopt it too. It seemed like it would only eat if I adopt it and let it be beside me always, even sleep with me inside the school building. Then this furry dog came to me too, also wanting me to adopt it. There were many animals and kids in my dream, but these three in particular wanted me to care for them.

L: Hi A
Adopting animals might mean new people wanting to be friends with you. The animals are people of different cultures wanting to be friends with you. Pay attention to new people who want to be with you.
Hope I helped.

Me: I wonder who those people will be… Should I let them in my life?

L: Yes yes let new people in that feel okay to you, you might meet some of them in the bank work :)

Lighting White Candles (Dream)

Image: Tumblr.com

Me: I have another weird dream just now: I remember walking into the forest with other strangers and it looks like winter or something. We made a horizontal line, we started to pass on white candles, and then we lit our candles. I told the male person on my left to exchange our candles if I got a short one. What was that all about?

L: White candles are the color of spiritual knowledge. White candles short or long doesn’t matter; the color is spiritual.
Read up on the color meaning of white. Buy some white candles and burn them and they will bring spiritual people into your life. Try and see what happens.
You have been dreaming every night, you must look forward to sleep :)

Dreaming of Perfumes and Lesbians

Image: fashion-gifs.tumblr.com

Me: Last night I dreamt of many things but I cannot remember them all because my father was shouting to wake me up haha.

But what I remember is that I dreamt of perfume. I thought it was because I ordered by first eau de parfum yesterday and I am excited to get it. It is a sweet-smelling perfume, I think. Something princessy that I think I would like. But in the dream I dreamt of other perfumes but I forgot about it.

Then what I really remember was there was a lesbian who was kind of obsessed with me, pursues me, but ultimately just wants to get intimate with me. I was running away from that lesbian because she was creepy. I don’t know any lesbian who is around me in real life. What could that mean?

Anyway, how are you?

L: Hi A

Dreaming of perfume kinda means you want to feel pretty and clean to the people you meet. It means also more expensive clothes to go with the perfume, so you may be shopping soon for quality clothing, etc.

Lesbian only means women who bother you and you want to get away from them. It doesn’t mean you’re a lesbian, but your female friends might be changing in the future.

Which is a good thing. I am fine thank you, I will be back home in January. Time flies so fast.

Before you know it, you will be having grandkids and you will say L said time flies fast and boy was he right lol.


Bank Job for Me (Psychic Reading)

Goblins in Gringotts Bank. Image: www.mtv.com

August 13, 2018

Me: What would be better for my well-being, career, and future? Should I stay in my current job or go to the other office that is offering the same but lighter job?

L: Hi stick with the job you have now. That’s my vibes. Do more exercise to get rid of your stress. Hope I helped. L

Me: Can I know why? I can only accept the work offer for me next year…

L: Hi A it’s a psychic feeling, I have no logic. Take the new job if you feel I’m wrong.

Me: No I don’t feel you’re wrong, I just wanted some explanation so I can balance some pros and cons. Do you feel the new job would be bad or boring for me?

L: Hi A I feel another job will appear to you next year, better than both jobs.

Me: I really can’t stand my current job because of the backstabbers and people who take advantage of me, they really break my heart. At the same time I also don’t want to take the other job because it seems boring and the person who recommended me likes me but I don’t like him romantically at all. Is the better job coming on January 2018?

L: Hi A

Yes new work feels like beginning of next year. I also said not to take the other job, you need money right now so stay with the current job for now. Put your resume together and send it out to other work places. Also check in newspaper ads and employment places to find different work.

I know you’re not really a secretary or office worker at heart, travel agent feels good to me to look into.

Stay away from caffeine as much as you can, the stress is not good for you.

I will help you the best I can.



September 15, 2018

Me: Hello. I am going to ask about career again. The thing is, my boss just gave me additional work, the work of two older ladies in the office. One of them has a health issue and one of them should be retired by now. My boss gave me half of their work so they won’t be burdened as much. I got happy since I thought that they think I could do the work and they trusted me.

My question is, should I stay here? Do I have a chance of getting a promotion? Or did they just do it because they thought they can abuse me? (like giving me so much work for little salary or using me for whatever) Or, is it much better to just leave once my contract expires in December 2018?

L: Hi Anthea

I thought of you the other day and here you are today writing me, some psychic connection there.

I checked you out and the vibes I got is not promotion at all – just using you as a worker with a heavier work load. Same money. So at the end of the year it is best to find another job. Didn’t feel any promotion there.

And you need to get away from negative people. Put together your resume and start looking around is my vibes. I feel something better is waiting for you, don’t quit before you get a vibe on new work.



October 2, 2018

Me: Hello, what do you think of me working in a bank?

L: Hi A, always send your pic when asking. I had to find one of your old e-mails with your pic. The bank thing would be wonderful for you. You would make friends instead of enemies for sure grab it if you can.

Me: Anyway I just remembered, I have a friend who quit working in a bank here in our city because she received very little salary, even less than my first salary so I am kind of worried. It’s still okay for me to work in a bank, right?

L: Forget about your friend, there are tons of people who work in a bank as a career and are very happy. Think positive. Talk to someone who is happy working in a bank, and in a bank you can always move up in promotion in no time.

Think positive about everything you do from now on.



October 26, 2018

Me: L!!! I only applied in one bank and it is the biggest bank in the Philippines. I applied in a branch in our city and they called me just a few minutes ago and they said my job application was approved!!!

L: yea good for you finally a job that is stable and able to meet new friends along the way… Think positive and stay put in the job if you are enjoying it :)

I won’t ask for a loan :)



November 2, 2018

Me: Hi L! I am currently transitioning into my next job, and I am still processing the complete requirements before I get trained for work. My question is, what do you think is in store for me in this bank job? Would this give me happiness, satisfaction, other opportunities, etc.? I am guessing that it will be challenging and a bit hard for me but I am still excited.

L: Hi A

This may be the best job you’ve had so far, you get to greet people come and go, it can lead to steady income and you even get to meet successful men. It doesn’t matter if the job is hard, just work your way through it. Most people can’t even get a job at a bank, it’s not easy.

Hope I helped

A Dog Eating the Lizards (Dream)

Image: Tumblr.com

Me: Last night I had a dream in which I don’t remember much details because my parents woke me up. I remember lizards showing up everywhere and they disgust me. And then this little white dog maybe tried to help me by eating up some of the lizards. Then I remember myself saying that my ideal guy is like Pluto – what I mean by that is that he should be powerful. I’m not sure what kind of powerful but just powerful.

L: Lizards are people you don’t like

Having a dog means that you would be happier having a dog as a pet that loves you unconditionally

You need love and a dog would do wonders for you in real life. Even if you don’t want one, get one is the message of your dream. :)


Having Different Hairstyles, Dresses, and Makeup in a Dream

Img: americanfilminstitute.tumblr.com

Me: Hi L good morning :) Last night I dreamt about traveling both on foot and vehicle although we don’t know where we are headed. I am alone and with strangers, I think. I was trying on different dresses, hairstyles, hair colors, and even makeup. The people around me tell me what dress or hairstyle works or doesn’t work for me. Then I found myself in a vehicle and I have braided pigtails and red lipstick but I look years younger because of it. What does that dream mean?

L: Hi A

You’re any actress in the dream with makeup. Working with other actors you don’t know. Could be the director of film telling you what to wear and how to look. I know you’re shy. But maybe try an acting class in your spare time.

Hope I helped

Dreams about Handbags and Rubies

img: dior.tumblr.com

Me: Hello L, I had a dream last night but I cannot remember much. It has many parts. But what I remember is that I came to this important event by myself and I recognized some women from my college. They are feminine women whom I find pretty but I was not close to because we were not classmates or dormmates when we were in college; but in my dream, I felt so comfortable with them that I think we had clicked in the dream. I remember feeling comfortable with those girls.

Then I just saw some bags from somewhere hidden and I discovered them. I felt like I lit up because they are cheap and I need a new bag in real life but I didn’t buy a new one because I’m trying to save money. Does that mean anything? Or was it just a dream with nothing much in it?

L: Hi A what dreams you have

The college women were a bit older than you, and you might have found a connection in your dream of having friends that are older than you. So in the future pay attention to some people in your life who might be older. I don’t know how much older, but enjoy whoever they are.

The handbag in the dream actually means buy the expensive purse. It will attract more prosperity to you, and you will value it and make sure you know where it is all the time. Your soul doesn’t want you to have less quality of any item and you deserve it no matter how expensive. It will bring prosperity to you.



Img: http://annemaadesigns.com/raw-ruby-bronze-ring-byzantine-medieval

Me: Hello L :) Last night I had a dream that I saw two raw rubies wire-wrapped to be used as pendants and they’re very beautiful. Lately I’ve been looking for rubies, emeralds, and sapphires because I heard the three are powerful. Did I just dream about the ruby because it has been on my mind or did my dream have a meaning?

L: Hi A it’s like the dream about purses and you couldn’t afford it but I said buy it anyway.

So my take is to buy some glass rubies, emeralds, and sapphires; they would be cheap to buy because I know you don’t have the money for the real ones. But when you get real ones when you’re older you will be very happy.

It might be expensive for you but it would make you feel rich because it looks real and others would envy you.


(Update: I bought a bracelet with real faceted ruby beads for myself and it has some impurities. I wear it every day since I got it.)

A Young Girl Was Raped (Dream)

Image: iwanttodie98.tumblr.com

Me: Hello L, I had a weird dream last night. It was as if I was in an observer mode and I saw a small town in the countryside in the Philippines which looks as if it was in the 1940s or 50s. I’m not sure. The people there were having some sort of party or feast at night. All houses were made of wood and there were lots of trees. Then one pretty maiden came to my attention. She was young. Someone was following her and she got scared. She got raped and no one helped her. No one even noticed. After that, she went away. The rapist likes/loves her but she didn’t reciprocate his feelings that’s why he did it. When the girl came back to their small town, people were shocked to see that she was pregnant. She was really angry and wanted all the people in town to see what happened to her. She became wild and wouldn’t let anyone touch her. She was especially angry with her rapist who was trying to calm her down. She tried bearing a child in front of all the people. The first that came out of her was a puppy and she killed it by throwing it down the drainage. The next was a real child, but she killed it in front of everyone especially in front of her rapist. She was really, really angry. And then the dream ended.

What do you think that weird dream means? It felt strangely familiar to me though, as if that story was already told to me or as if I have already dreamt of it before.

L: Hi A

I think maybe the dream could have been about you even though you only observed. It kinda means you don’t want to have a baby without having a husband.

And someone took advantage of you in the dream and you were mad about it. I’m not sure what the puppy means, but I feel the dream was about you so be careful not to get pregnant on any of your dates.

I think you only want a child if you’re married and in love.

Hope I helped


I Was Eating an Amethyst Crystal (Dream)

Image: mysticcrystalimports.com

Me: Hi! Another office (still a government/political) office officially offered me a writer job which is the same as my current job, but I cannot accept the offer until the end of my contract in my current job (December 2018). It has offered a salary a little bit higher than before, but with a lighter workload. I would be doing the same work which is writing and radio shows but I would have lots of time for myself which is convenient if I want to pursue a master’s degree next year. I want it, but I have some doubts because I would adjust to the new environment and people again, but they promised me that their office is a quiet and peaceful one. My current office is giving me stress these days because of some people but maybe it’s normal. What do you think?

And with regards to my dream last night, I only remember a small part of it. I dreamt that there were people who were doing a video presentation of marine life. There were small fishes and lots of big and colorful corals. I was with the people who were doing the presentation but I don’t know why. The only thing that I was doing there was eating what looks like an Uruguayan Amethyst. I ate it like bread. It wasn’t as hard as a real crystal and yet it was a real crystal. A dark purple amethyst. What does it mean? The amethyst part especially made me curious.

L: Hi A, people in the workplace always cause stress to others; it’s normal. Take the job for sure. It will help you buy clothes, makeup, and other things that you like.
Eating the amethyst means you want more spirituality in your life since that stone is very grounding and can calm you down. I would think if you wore one around your neck it would ground you more and have less anxiety.

Me: I tend to wear less purple crystals together like amethyst, tanzanite, charoite, and iolite because when I wear them together they tend to give me a terrible headache. Does that happen to you too L? My head right now is aching because of those purple crystal bracelets lol

L: Hi A, I always thought a double terminated smokey quartz was the best for you to wear.

Me: Personally for me to wear? Why is it best for me to wear?

L: You have a lot of stress and it can calm you down. Read up on it. I mentioned it in the past but I didn’t think you had a vibe to get one.
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