I Was A Model Doing A Catwalk (Dream)

Last night, I dreamt that I was doing a catwalk in a room full of models. I watched the other girls walk and thought to myself that I could do it too. When it was my turn to walk, I felt like my catwalk sways too much and that I didn’t walk really straight. I’m not sure. But the one who looks at our walks didn’t say anything. Another incident happened in the dream which I couldn’t remember, but I went back to the room full of models and tried to be a model.

I wasn’t thinking of modeling last night, so I asked my favorite psychic Lawrence, what could that mean?

While I was waiting for his e-mail reply, I googled possible meanings and these are what I have found:

To dream of being [a] fashion model represents your awareness of yourself doing something better than others all the time. Being a perfect example of “positiver” behavior. Being noticed for doing something the best way. Portraying certain image to others. Negatively, a model may reflect narcissism.Alternatively, a model may reflect your view of someone else that you are noticing is doing something better than you are. You may be striving for something that’s unrealistic. Your idea of beauty. (Dream Bible)

Model Dream Interpretation and Meaning
Did you dream of models last night? Leggy blonds with high fashion on their minds? If so, you might be overly concerned with your own appearance. You may be dreaming of the models because you are worried about what other people think of you. Perhaps you lack self-confidence in the face you are presenting to the world; you are concerned with how others perceive you and what they think.While the model strutting her stuff down the runway might be trying to show you your concern with your appearance, her appearance in your dreams can also mean that you are worrying too much. Concern yourself less with what everyone else thinks and learn to be happy with yourself and your choices. Realize too, that everyone else is more concerned with what YOU think of THEM, and probably barely notice you. (Sleep Culture)

Model Dream Meaning
To dream of a model, foretells your social affairs will deplete your purse, and quarrels and regrets will follow. For a young woman to dream that she is a model or seeking to be one, foretells she will be entangled in a love affair which will give her trouble through the selfishness of a friend. (Dream Mean)

To see or dream that you are walking a catwalk represents your new found confidence. It may also mean that you enjoy being the center of attention. You are being recognized for your talents or creativity. Alternatively, the dream could mean that you are using your appearance to get your way. You need to start looking within yourself. (Dream Moods)

To see or dream that you are walking a catwalk signifies that you have faith in yourself and your abilities. Perhaps you want people to notice and admire you. It may also mean that others appreciate your efforts and are aware of your originality and individuality. (Dream Forth)

After just a few hours, I received my reply from my psychic, and this was his insight:

Lawrence: Hi
It means you’re competing against others, and judging yourself on how you are doing rather than letting the judges judge you. A part of you wants to be famous and wants to make sure you’re on top of the list being watched so you’re trying to be perfect.
I would still work in the travel industry if you can.

What he said really made sense. Right now I’m trying so hard to gain weight and have perfect skin because of the strict requirements of the job that I am trying to get after I graduate. And my mom is already pressuring me to get a job, any kind of job (even those jobs that I don’t like) because the people around me are already making money while here I am, still stuck on being a student. Perhaps I was unconsciously trying to compete or whatever, but what I am sure of is that I am very critical of myself (esp. physically) right now. He advised me to still try having the job in the travel industry because I am feeling lost and sometimes I feel like giving up on that job. And yes, part of me wants to be something like an actress, but it’s too out of my reach. I don’t know. I really don’t want to reveal it but now you know. Ciao :D

My Deceased Grandmother Looks after Me.

How did I know? It came from my intuition and some external signs and confirmations of this. :)

I felt a huge amount of guilt when my grandmother died. She didn’t want me to go to college in a faraway place because she just wanted me to be by her side. She became weaker when my grandfather died three years ago before she did, and by then I felt that she became emotionally dependent on me too. I was the grandchild whom she showered her love to. Because she was old, she was definitely lonely, so it was understandable why an old person would become emotionally and physically dependent to someone like a grandchild who tries to spend time with them. So right after the plane I was boarding on departed, she died. It was as if she chose to die at that exact moment so her spirit could go along with me.

Nobody in the family mentioned that I was her favorite grandchild, but everybody can feel it. They know. I know. I just don’t boast about it because they don’t like that attitude and they don’t care anyway. My grandmother always looked for me when she needed assistance. She also showered me with gifts, money, and things that she has used before, like her silver watch for example. When I try to be there for her, she tried to pay me back sevenfold. She just reeks of love, just like most grandmothers. She has touched my life so much that I would probably choose to reincarnate with her in my next lifetime. And she was also probably my only relative whom I had deep connections with.

During my first year in college, it was hard for me to adjust to the cultural and language differences. Some people around me didn’t like me so they backstabbed me and whatever, they made my freshman year hard for me but it was fun nonetheless. I got lots of awards and recognitions for making people laugh whenever I do acting. I also entertain people there through singing. People knew me as the characters that I play every time. During my freshman year, I tried to prettify myself that people who knew me before (like my classmates during grade school and high school) were shocked and almost didn’t recognize me. Some said that there were also some changes in my aura. Lots of positive things happened to me after my grandmother died that I just thought that maybe she was helping me in some way. I knew she was, for she was beautiful in her youth and she has excellent social skills. Those were the same things that brought me luck from then on.

And about two years ago, I found myself reading the Channeling Erik blog. I read the very first blogs of Elisa. I found myself crying since I remember my deceased grandma and I could sympathize. On one of the earliest blog posts there, I commented something like “I hope my grandmother looks after me too,” to which Elisa Medhus (Erik Medhus’s beautiful mother, and the author of that blog) replied, “I bet she is!” My soul lightened up after that comment, and I took that as a sign.

There were also some instances where birds would be trapped inside my small room and big black moths or butterflies would go near me. I often comfort myself thinking that my grandma was visiting me through these birds and insects. But then just seven months ago, I found my mosquito net folded nicely in the middle of my bed. Nobody was home, I just came home at that time, and there was no way that I had folded my own mosquito net since I was in a rush to go out to process some documents for my passport. I was the one who left the house last and the first to come home. The only living thing left in the house was the puppy. I asked my family who could have done it, but all of them really denied it. My mother and I thought that perhaps it was my grandmother.

Now, just a few weeks ago, I watched Gigi Young’s video entitled “5 Facts AboutSpirit Guides.” I commented something like this: “I don’t know if this is my intuition or just my wishful thinking, but I think my grandmother has been helping me since she died.” Gigi Young responded to my comment with something along the lines of: “Absolutely. Our deceased relatives sometimes act as our spirit guides.” Gigi was an intuitive, but her response to my comment was not really a psychic reading. I actually took it as a sign! Both Elisa and Gigi agreed to my comments regarding my assumptions that my grandmother looks after me and that was just too much of a coincidence. It was indeed a confirmation. Now I know for sure that her presence is with me even though I don’t see it. Our intuition doesn’t fail us, really. :)


And I miss you so much, Lola. 

White Teeth (Dream)

Me: Hi Lawrence! Last night I dreamt that my teeth were white and I was so pleased to see my smile. In real life I have yellow teeth. What could this mean?

Lawrence: Hi
It means you’re taking better care of your health
Keep it up
No smoking around you please

My Dreams about Dogs

Me: Hi Lawrence! Sorry for disturbing you but these days I had two dreams about dogs.

Last week, I dreamt about a dog that is very annoying, and it really wants to play with me, or just annoy me, and I keep throwing that puppy away but it keeps coming back in every possible way, still annoying as ever. It wasn’t a cute puppy; it’s really irritating. But then some kind of situation required me to be a bit calmer or something, maybe someone was passing by (I couldn’t remember), so I had no choice but to let that puppy be with me. The puppy suddenly became calm and cute when I was petting it.

Last night, I dreamt about my sister’s puppy. It was playing with me. We were just playing happily. I thought that maybe I just missed that dog that’s why I had a dream about it. It was larger than before. I texted by sister about it and she said that the dog has indeed become bigger and taller.

Do any of them mean anything significant? Is a dog related to a friend or something? Thanks a lot! :))

Lawrence: Ruff ruff
Dreaming of the dog is finding someone to love you unconditionally.
It would be great if you really had a dog or any pet to love and love you back.
You may not be into animals but they’re into you.

Being Comfortable around Women

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Being with women makes me feel safe. I guess it’s because I have totally come to terms with my own divine femininity. Also, it’s partly because I have become a feminist over the years, and I have learned to appreciate women’s beauty as a sex. Whenever I travel or commute alone, I want another female passenger to sit beside me. Feeling their feminine essence just comforts me, and I also feel like they’d protect me from the nastiness of the patriarchal society – because whenever male passengers sit beside me, they almost always attempt to sexually harass me (I know you can relate, girls *wink*). They’d usually stare at women with hungry eyes, try to feel their boobs “accidentally,” grope their legs, or even whisper dirty things to their ears. There are just so many chauvinists and ignorant males that lurk everywhere that even those males who look rich, proper, educated, and handsome still take advantage of every woman they set their eyes on in order to blast their contained sperm out.

Honestly, I have only felt totally comfortable around women starting last year. In the earlier months of 2016, I tried forgetting about myself sometimes and avoiding being so self-absorbed. When I did that, bit by bit, my female friends started telling me about their own troubles. Sometimes they even ask for my advice which felt great, because they were making me feel like I am a dependable friend. I started attracting more females in most of my human interactions, when in the past most people who talk to me were males (I was really addicted to romantic relationships back then). When I have begun to accept that life is not all about me, me, me, and I started to try looking at the world through the eyes of my gorgeous female friends, I recognized myself through them. We go through the same things, we feel the same emotions, we have the same needs, and we are all descendants of Lilith and Eve. Only a woman can truly, madly, and deeply understand another woman.

Is it weird that I have only become truly at peace with women and with my own femininity last year? Even though it took me so many years, I am glad that I have finally fully appreciated the divine feminine. Growing up, most girls are taught to compete with other girls (admit it or not) especially when it comes to their beauty, elegance, and attractiveness to the opposite sex. There would always be drama, jealousy, and competition around (immature) women. I know that for centuries, or maybe millennia, it has been that way for women. The patriarchal society pushes women to be that way. In order to secure the best life for herself, a woman must be the most beautiful, so she may be picked by Prince Charming, or whoever is the richest or most powerful man in town. Through the years, women have always been competing for male attention and affection because the patriarchal society mainly values women for their beauty and desirability – that instead of uniting with one another, women see other women as their rivals.

Personally, I was raised in that way also. I was in an unresolvable conflict with my own mother for so many years, and I have always been compared and belittled because of my younger sister. Growing up, I battled for the attention that my younger sister always gets. I didn’t really know why that is. I have almost always finished every grade as the valedictorian in grade school, but the attention was still on my sister. She was still the “better” one. The favored one. Why? The way I see it, it’s because she is popular in school and people just see her as prettier. Some people would even get surprised that we were actually biological sisters. I’ve tried achieving everything that I can, mostly of academic nature, but I still lost to her just because she is popular. Not to brag, but when I went to college and started grooming myself because I have more money now, I became evidently prettier and she even admits to it. For a few years, I took all the glory because of my physical appearance. I was showered more attention by my relatives. Now that I have compensated for my childhood wounds and my petty sibling rivalry with my sister, I started caring less about competition. People’s opinions and comparisons of us did not matter anymore. Being pretty and gaining attention because of it did not make me happy. It didn’t even make me “better” than her. As I was so preoccupied with how I appear to other people, she just went on with her life with her micro-business and achievements in school. I realized that she was so wise for just focusing on herself and her goals of success. It’s not about competing with other women. Because your only competitor is yourself.

I only have one sibling, who is my sister, and that made the comparisons of other people worse. However, life gave me a sister for a reason. I had to grow up with her so I can realize the harsh realities that women live in, and also so I can overcome dark tendencies of women towards each other like envy, insecurity, and competition. I also had to learn how to truly love women and empathize with them as we are all the same deep down. Getting on this stage of great love, acceptance, and compassion for women was not an easy journey. I’ve had conflicts with female friends and acquaintances especially during my puberty age, but that was because they were reflecting my dark sides and attitudes towards women before. Now that I can see almost all women (and even feminine gay men) as my sisters, for they all possess a woman’s soft heart, I now find myself in zero conflict against another woman. They are my source of comfort, and I am always here to comfort them anytime. As my relationships with my sister and my mother were healed, I eventually found myself having greater compassion for other women as well.

All women are very wonderful creatures – and I am very genuine in saying this, because I have found out that no matter if a certain woman is my friend or not, I can still sense the softness and vulnerability in her, her nurturing and giving nature, her beauty, her innocence – and I am talking about the inner nature of a woman, not just the fragility of her body or her external beauty. Women are so receptive and open that they are able to listen to your troubles for hours and immediately offer you a calming solution, which is a hug. They can just give and give and give, and be happy while doing it. They love to look beautiful, and make the world around them also beautiful. They are designed to be soft and passive, externally and internally, as if they remind the world that not all problems in the world can be solved by aggression. Sometimes all it takes is gentleness, acceptance, and a smile. Women (and even gay men) are wonderful and beautiful in that way. Therefore, instead of competing, women can just support one another beautifully, gracefully, and lovingly. J

Beauty Goals (2017 - 2018)

In order to reach our dreams, our dream jobs, and become the best versions of ourselves, there are just some physical changes and adjustments needed. It is no-brainer that we need internal resources like skills, education, intelligence, confidence, and inner beauty to really be capable in handling jobs, but let’s face it – the physical and visual impact is also a necessity. It definitely gives us an advantage. Being aesthetically pleasing helps us give off a better first impression to the employers.

However, there are just some jobs in the world, especially those that have to deal with people, which require us to be almost flawless. In order to get those dream jobs, we sometimes have to make sacrifices, especially if we have thousands of competitors for a single slot. For people like me with too many physical flaws, or are not genetically blessed, this is a great challenge (lol). But on the brighter side, aiming for these kinds of jobs can push us to be the greatest and the most beautiful versions of ourselves.

In my preparation for my applications for my dream job next year (after I graduate, hopefully), the following are my own beauty goals:

#1: Outgrow My Hair, Bring Back Natural Hair Color (Black)

I have been dyeing my hair for the past four years that it’s no surprise that my locks have become so dry and ugly now. And regarding the company that I am targeting to work for, I heard that they want a natural hair color. My best friend, who is also dyeing her hair brown like me, told me that people (or perhaps Filipinos, rather) look more professional with their natural black hair color, and that most employers would consider those with unnatural hair dyes as less serious in applying for their jobs. I agree with her, since the seriousness that the black hair color brings to a person’s aura adds to the impression of professionalism that they give off. And in addition to the visual professionalism that I am aiming for, bringing back my natural black hair color would make my hair healthier and shinier.

#2: Gain Weight (6 – 10 kilograms)

I am UNDERWEIGHT. *cries* Yes, and I have been underweight ever since I was a kid. Aside from being short, I also struggle to retain fats in my body because I have a very fast metabolism. I am just naturally thin and I don’t gain weight no matter how much I eat. But since my dream job requires applicants to have their weight proportionate to their height, meaning having a normal Body Mass Index (BMI), I still have to gain at least ten kilograms. I don’t even know if I can achieve this because my very fast metabolism is against me. To do this, I plan to gain more muscles through exercise, regularly eat breakfast, eat snacks all the time, and always have extra rice on my plate. Turning my piggy mode on, I hope I can have a normal BMI in a year.

#3: Gain At Least Two Inches in Height

For me to get accepted in my dream job, I need to be at least 160 cm or 5’3”. I am currently 155 cm or 5’1”. Ever since I was a child, I have always been short. My legs are short. And I am the shortest one in my family. Both of my parents are 5’4”, so I think I may still have a chance even though I am already 21. I only need to have extra two inches in my height in order to get accepted in my dream job and that really stresses me out. Therefore, in order to be taller by a few centimeters and reach 5’3”, these are my plans: daily pituitary gland meditation, daily stretching (yoga, jumping rope, etc.), taking vitamins and growth supplements, and drinking milking twice a day. With persistence, I hope I can reach my desired height within a year.

#4: Terminate Acne, Aim for a Clear Complexion

My dream job is strict with regards to having flawless skin. I have no problems regarding leg scars, but I have lots of pimple scars on my face. Since this job regularly deals with people, applicants should have a clear face with NO acne. I have struggled with acne since I was eleven years old until now because I keep on picking my pimples and both of my parents have suffered from terrible acne. But with proper diet, exercise, regular liver detoxes, regular changing of pillow cases, and a little help from a dermatologist I know I can achieve a flawless face eventually. Also, I have to be wary of some products that make my skin breakout. And the most important of all, I must discipline myself to NOT touch my face no matter what.

#5: Gym Membership

Two years ago, when I became a gym member for a month, I gained three or four kilos. Of course, that is combined with eating breakfast daily and always having extra rice. However, I gave up after a month because I find it hard to balance going to the gym and passing heavy units of college subjects – so eventually, I went back to being underweight. Stress can really make people lose weight. I now plan to be persistent in going to gym almost daily in order to gain more muscle mass and make my body ideal for my dream job.

#6: Buy Makeup, Learn How to Apply

For my dream job, a flawless makeup application on the face is always a requirement – and that is one of the things that make me excited about it. The females of my dream career always pride themselves on being beautiful and glamorous girls. I somehow associate this job with being a geisha. It requires a lot of training, a lot of sacrifices and self-discipline, also natural beauty, charm, and dealing with people. Geishas look a bit unreachable and mysterious, just like the females of my dream career. Since I have always been attracted to the beauty field, I might as well pursue this job because of additional benefits of adventure, big salary, and freedom.

I listed them all in this blog for you to read and for it to remind me of what to always and persistently do. I hope my list inspired you to make your own beauty goals. Ciao!

A FLYING Career? (Psychic Reading)

My best friend frequently tells me about her aunt who is an international flight attendant and how that aunt encourages her to try that job. I personally think that it is a great job, mainly because the female flight attendants get to make themselves pretty every time they go to work – and they really have a reputation of being really pretty women. In fact, they take pride in it. Not only they can (or are required to) look pretty, but they also get to travel everywhere for free. However, because I am petite and there are height requirements in order to be hired for the job, I didn’t pay much attention on being a flight attendant. Maybe it wasn’t for me.

However, just about two weeks ago, my best friend told me that the minimum height requirement for some airlines here in the Philippines is 5’2”. While giggling, we thought that perhaps our looks could save us because we often get told that we are pretty (not to brag haha) but I told her that I lack an inch or two in my height – because the last time I checked (which was perhaps a year ago), my height was only 5’1”. But I measured it again and discovered that I am now a little over 5’2”. I shrieked with joy! At least my height wouldn’t be an obstacle anymore!

And so, after having about fifteen minutes of mirth about my new height, both of us researched online about being a flight attendant. We got so attracted to everything that the job offers – unusual lifestyle, pride in our physical looks, free travels, good salary, and fun experiences with (literally) different kinds of people. We had a pinky promise that we would both apply for this job after we graduate and acquire all the physical and document requirements. However…

I still got confused on whether I would really push through this. For stability purposes, I decided to have a teaching career at first even though teaching is not my passion. Writing is a passion of mine, but definitely not teaching. Although I think I can do it, I would surely be bored to death. An acting career is attractive to me, and would definitely make me happy (since I always get positive attention by doing this in school), but I think it is too high to reach. A career of being a beautician is good too (I am currently studying Beauty Culture), but I think I would really get bored with the routine and with just waiting for customers who would want to get beautified. I feel like I want to do them all in order to avoid getting bored, but I haven’t even started any of them. I am also afraid that when I start one career path and stick to it, I might not be able to do any other work that I’d love to do.

Therefore, in order to clear up my confusion, I asked my favorite psychic through an e-mail, and this is how our conversation went:

May 29, 2017

Me: Hi Lawrence! This is my June question. What can you say about me working as a flight stewardess?
Him: Hi, flight stewardess would be great for you but you must stick with it because you keep changing your mind about professions.
I don’t think you’re locked into any one profession right now and you’re just exploring ideas.
That job would help you get away from parents and others.
But can you stick to it?
Did you do any research into it?
Do some homework on it.
Don’t just dream it – put it into action.
Think you can work there when you’re 21 :)
Me: My roommate and I have researched it online I guess last week, because she also wants to be a flight stewardess. She was actually the one who told me that I can be a flight stewardess because the minimum height requirement for girls here in our country is 5’2” and I am 5’2”. I liked it because they always put on makeup and I can travel too. By the way I am 21 now. :)) However, they prefer taller girls so I started drinking milk last night and exercising too. I am also going to beauty or derma centers to have facials and underarm whitening to have bigger chances of getting hired. A flight stewardess has to have a nice body and clear complexion and I am far from a model. Just in case I couldn’t get hired, I am already prepared for rejection. What do you think?
Him: Think positive and make sure you want this kind of work.
If you’re determined you can get it, but you need to stick with it period.
You’re 21 now wow I think I knew you at 18:)

I am already preparing for this kind of work, but I also need to reflect on it more. Right now in my life, the main thing that I need is stability. I need to provide for myself because my parents are getting older and they are already finding it hard to support me especially because both my sister and father are ill. I will try getting it first – and if it happens to not suit me later on, I will just let life happen and let my other purposes unfold eventually. Ciao!

Beauty Field (Psychic Readings)

November 24, 2016

Me: There was someone, a beautiful girl I know in real life – we were still emotionally distant in my dream (we are only acquaintances) and I admire her beauty in real life and in my dream she smiled at me with her beautiful dimples (that she doesn’t have in real life) and milky smooth face (which is better than in real life). I was intrigued by what that meant. Thanks a lot! You are my friend not my therapist hahaha
Lawrence: Hi A
It basically means you enjoy people who look beautiful to you, man or woman;
It also means that you might get obsessed with how you look to other people and want to show your beautiful smile all the time.
If you studied the fashion field, clothing, makeup, etc. you might enjoy it, you might even enjoy modeling clothes.
If you do nothing you look fine to people:)
Keep a journal of your dreams since you are dreaming more – it’s a good idea.
Me: Thanks for that! I hope someday I can work in the field of beauty. Anyway, what does “if you do nothing you look fine to people” mean?
Lawrence: We’re both online how cute
I have a client arriving so I have to go in a sec
People see you looking attractive to them, talking about even strangers.
Now get some beauty sleep lol

November 7, 2016

Me: My question is, what should I do during the two semesters where I have nothing to do in school? Should I work, take other classes, go to a different city, or rest? What would be the best use of my time? I have already accepted that I won’t be graduating soon and I just try to think that there are other worse things in life than that. There are so many options in my mind but I couldn’t decide and I couldn’t do them all. Thanks!
Lawrence: Hi, this is an easy one
DO NOT WORK, study and use a tutor to help you with thesis.
I get the message to go to beauty school and learn how to make people look beautiful.
That’s the field where you will prosper.
After graduation, you will be ready to work in the beauty field.
That’s the take I get.
Take beauty school somewhere in your area during your free time.
Me: …I was hurt because someone was looking down on my future with beauty, and thinks that conventional jobs are the only right jobs. I feel like I want to prove them wrong. However, there is something that confuses me. You told me that I could be a model for clothes and do acting besides going to beauty school. Which of them should I focus on or am I meant to do them all?
Lawrence: Modeling and beauty are in the same area of looking good.
People are entitled to their own opinion but it doesn’t mean that they are right.
Do what’s best for you – you don’t need anyone’s vibes if they are negative.

April 2, 2017

Me: Hi Lawrence! On Tuesday we will enroll classes. I am torn between Hair Science and Beauty Culture. Can I take Hair Science first?
Lawrence: Hi, my vibes is beauty culture all the way, I would do hair stuff second.
But of course it’s up to you, I’ve told you in a few readings that working in the beauty area would work out for you, but again it’s your choice.
Me: Okay I have decided to take Beauty Culture <3 haha! I’m so excited
Lawrence: Send me pics of when you’re in school and let’s see the new you, it’s the right choice for you is my vibes

(I have Venus in my 2nd house. *wink*)

Perverted Male Cousin (Dream)

Me: My dream last night was very weird. I can only remember a small part of it because it stressed me out in the dream, I guess.

My male cousin (whom in real life I haven’t seen for about ten years now) really wanted to see me naked. I had to undress in my dream because I had to put on another shirt or another bra, but he’s really pestering me and wanting to see my chest. He even wanted to go with me to the fitting room. Other girls also joined me in the fitting room, and I let them because I thought the girls would protect me from my cousin. However, my cousin still saw me when I still had a bra on. He was really annoying. He was really looking at my chest. Then I got angry at my cousin because he saw me with only a bra on. He tried to apologize. I eventually gave him a note that said I forgave him, and that was all I can remember.

Lawrence: My vibes is that you may not want relatives to know everything about you, and that you want to keep secrets to yourself, so you keep relatives away from knowing things about you.

It has nothing to do with being naked or other sexual things.

Hope I helped. :)

Men of the Zodiac

Disclaimer: I am not an astrologer, so this post is only based on my personal observations and experiences. Again, these are just my opinions, so you can choose to not take this seriously ;)

Aries Man

Aljur Abrenica

(I haven’t had many interactions with Aries men so I don’t know what to say about them yet.)

Taurus Man

Onemig Bondoc

The Taurus man is usually very handsome, but also very stubborn. I haven’t met a Taurus man that I can get along with. He will always insist on what he thinks is right, will disregard your opinion even though you’re also right. He wants to control things. Rarely open-minded. He can also be too prideful and arrogant, and never ever admit his (obvious) mistakes. However, when he is in his pleasant, Venusian mood, he is nice to be with. Beauty is very important for him. This man can be very loyal, loving, stable, and sensual - in short, the perfect man, if you are okay with his stubbornness.

Gemini Man

Andrew Schimmer

They are very talkative and fun to be with. However, almost all Gemini men I know cheat. They also lie, and make up stuff just to impress you and feel that you are inferior to them. They are tricksters and when you are with them, you don’t always see or hear the truth.

Cancer Man

Jake Vargas

These men are very sweet and emotional. They can really baby you. You’d fall in love with how they nurture you. They nurture the people that they love, but sometimes I think that that’s also how they seduce someone. As you form a relationship with them, most of the time they’re still thinking about their ex. They may be in love with their ex even though they’re with another woman already. And when you become their ex, they may try to come back to you many times even though for you it’s really over. When they make a mistake or something goes wrong, they use this form of manipulation wherein you would always look like the bad guy and that you should always feel sorry for them, even though they are the ones in the wrong. They’re manipulative in that way. They would turn around the situation and they get away with their mistakes by making you feel sorry for them.

Leo Man

Dingdong Dantes

Leo men are very charming. Women like them. They want a woman that they can show off to other people. However, when people make up rumors about you that are not true in order to turn him off, he will really drop you in a minute because he doesn’t want to be infected with the “bad” reputation that you have. And when you become prettier in the years to come, he will remind people that you have been together just so he can perfume his name even though he has hurt you in the past.

Virgo Man

Jericho Rosales

A mature Virgo man is very trustworthy and reliable. He is looking for the woman that he can be with forever. So far, I love the energy of all the Virgo men that I have known, since they love to help, they want you to improve, they want the best for you, and he is a problem-fixer. They also have that mysterious aura, but a bit different from the aura of a Scorpio man. It's a reliable but mysterious aura.

Libra Man

Sam Concepcion

Libra men are charming, and are often the “pretty boys.” Most of the time, they have mastered the art of seduction. They will seduce you and you’d think that they wanted to have a serious relationship with you. And when you have fallen for their trap, they can just vanish and be mean to you. They can be really ruthless playboys (or fuck boys) underneath the sweet boy-next-door fa├žade.

Scorpio Man

Alfred Vargas

They are attractive men with a mysterious aura. Sometimes, even though you know that they are playing you, you’d still want to be consumed by those hungry eyes. There’s just something magnetic about him. He doesn’t say a lot. And he always seems to understand whatever problems you have.

Sagittarius Man

Mark Herras

They don’t usually like to commit. They like to dabble on many women at once. It’s hard to make them commit to you, but when they do – uhm…they still would cheat on you. If they are really in love with you, he may just use other women for sex. But it’s still cheating. I think they’re good people deep down inside, but they can’t resist temptation. The Sagittarius man also loves to teach. Therefore, his ego might be bruised when you are smarter than him, when he can’t understand what you say, and when you have a better educational background than him. He hates feeling dumb. He may get hurt and defensive if you accidentally make him feel dumb.

Capricorn Man

Alden Richards

I think the Capricorn man is the most serious and reliable of them all. If he wants you, he really wants you. What you see is what you get with this guy. He might prioritize building himself up at first, and might leave you if he still feels insufficient enough or not yet ready to be the father of your children.

Aquarius Man

Luis Alandy

They are very great friends to have around. However, I don’t think they really know how to handle a relationship very well. If you are their girlfriend, they will treat you very differently from their friends. Their love for you is conditional while their love for their friends is unconditional. They can be bad and nasty to you while being angelic in front of their friends. Therefore, when you reveal how nasty they were to you, nobody may believe you. Instead, they’d think that there’s something wrong with you because Mr. Aquarius is very friendly to everyone. I kind of think that they lack the emotional depth that is needed in a committed relationship. However, they are usually very loyal when committed, unless you are dealing with the kind of Aquarius man that has no conscience.

Pisces Man

JC De Vera

What I am about to say about Pisces men may not be that reliable since I only had one Pisces men whom I interacted with, and that was my former suitor. Pisces men are very sensitive that it’s really annoying. Even more annoying than Cancer men. They can say something offensive to you without considering your feelings. But when you retort with an equally offensive remark, he can throw a temper tantrum, suddenly block you, then beg for your forgiveness. He has a bit of a feminine temperament which can disappoint women sometimes. It can also feel like he doesn’t know what he wants. He can pursue you, control and manipulate you a bit, and not hear from him for a week or two. When you finally get tired or his flakiness and femininity, he would make you feel like a bad person for “hurting” him.
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